Feuerzangenbowle – German Christmas Fire Wine! (Wilderness Chef #8)

A quasi-guest-post by my brother, Mike, here - we had the joy of sharing a Christmas celebration at his house this year (and for a good solid week, I've been completely absent from the internet!)  I'd witnessed the creation of a Feuerzangenbowle before, but this time I was able to get some instruction, and video…Read more Feuerzangenbowle – German Christmas Fire Wine! (Wilderness Chef #8)


Our most important tool - fire enabled us to shape the land, to improve our food, to power a growing society.  For all that, it's also a source of comfort, light and warmth, and it's hypnotic.  Many bonds have been strengthened between people sitting around a campfire staring into the embers, much as our ancestors…Read more Primal

A Weekend by the Campfire (Several, Actually)

I just wanted to share... Friday, I was able to do a little flying, before spending Friday evening at a friend's house, eating crabs and watching the sun set over the water, followed by a campfire. I spent Saturday morning helping friends and volunteering at the Elms Environmental Center, conducting a camping intro, of sorts,…Read more A Weekend by the Campfire (Several, Actually)