Winter Solstice (Astronomy: Week of 12/17/17)

Stars rule the night.  They are more than just windows into an infinite cosmos, or keys to the history of our own world.  In a more tangible sense, the stars provide humanity with a roadmap, establishing time and place. Long before artificial lights poisoned our view of the night sky, and before human industry occupied…Read more Winter Solstice (Astronomy: Week of 12/17/17)

A Weekend by the Campfire (Several, Actually)

I just wanted to share... Friday, I was able to do a little flying, before spending Friday evening at a friend's house, eating crabs and watching the sun set over the water, followed by a campfire. I spent Saturday morning helping friends and volunteering at the Elms Environmental Center, conducting a camping intro, of sorts,…Read more A Weekend by the Campfire (Several, Actually)