New-Years-Eve-Burnie-Bonfire-20151231-002Astronomically – this week, the tilt of the Earth puts the Northern Hemisphere facing directly at the sun at midday.  The summer solstice is upon us – The night between Tues, June 20, and Wed, June 21 will be the shortest of the year, and June 21st, the longest day.  (The actual passage of this magical point in our orbit will be just past midnight, and fall, just barely, on the 21st).

Meteorologically – Summer officially begins (again, the weather lags the Earth-Sun relationship by about 6 weeks).

DSC00638Metaphysically – It’s time for bonfires, revelry, and a bit of fertility magic – if that’s your thing.  Wednesday is Midsummer Night.  It’s the shortest night of the year, it’s the night where Scandinavians celebrated the point where the midnight sun hit its maximum, in stark contrast to 24 hours of darkness in winter.  It’s a time to party, to spend time outside with friends, to celebrate the good, the warmth, the light, and to be optimistic about one’s future.  To cast spells of hope, and love, to dream about one’s future partners and soul mates.  To write, to sing, to dance.  To be one with the world, and appreciate nature’s gift of sunlight.

Think of your ancestors – the ones who lived by the stars, who erected monuments to track and mark this solstice as one of the most important days of the year.  Who can blame you if you use the opportunity to get a little wild?

Get Out There


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