Title2Nothing beats a nice campfire.  It provides warmth, light, hypnotic entertainment, and is the centerpiece of camaraderie and conversation.  Relaxing by the campfire is a days-end goal that we all look forward to.

Building a fire is an outdoor skill that we spend a lot of time developing, and practicing.  It’s ALSO a job that most kids can take on.  Even if they’re not ready for blades and processing wood, they can gather fuel and kindling, and understanding fire safety is important at all ages.  Chances are, they’re drawn to it, just like YOU were as a kid – so give them some instruction, and then empower them with a job when you get to camp!  Bonus: you won’t be nearly as worried about them when they’re cooking your s’mores.

FerroRodMy boys have graduated from matches, and are practicing more advanced methods – check out this YouTube video for their demonstration of a ferro-rod with cattail fluff, and steel wool plus 9-volt battery.

I’m looking forward to practicing with them as we all try and master a bow drill!

Get Out There!



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