Little Stoney Creek

Enjoying a moment of solitude at the end of a long day backpacking. Little Stoney Creek, in GWNF along the VA/WV border. Little Stoney Creek drains the basin between Little Sluice Mountain (east) and Mill Mountain (west), and was a welcome sight after spending the day high and dry among the ridgetops. We also happened…Read more Little Stoney Creek

Spring Sailing

Daylight savings time is not yet here, and so the evenings come early, and the water is COLD (about 40 deg F / 4.4 deg C), but it's hard to pass up a strong March breeze. The spring season is officially underway - maybe, finally, an indication of normal life returning.

Blackwater Falls, Davis, WV

Blackwater Falls always runs dark. The tannins from decaying leaves and evergreen needles in the water stain it the color of tea. Contrast that with a fresh snowfall, a hard freeze and enormous icicles, and you have a pretty sight, indeed! (Note the figure on the balcony at left, for scale)

Skogafoss, Iceland

Skogafoss is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. Aside from its impressive size, it gives the impression of an incredible volume of water that disappears into a stream that's no more than a foot deep. By walking right up to it, you can feel both awed, and tiny.


As I'm reminiscing on last summer's trip to Iceland (and working up videos, etc), I'm uncovering some photos that just make me smile. On the cliffs above Reynisfjara, a black sand beach with impressive caves and balsatic columns outside Vik, on Iceland's southern shore, dozens of puffins were nesting. These pudgy little birds were impressively…Read more Puffins!