Westward Bound

Keeping up the sailing theme - the "Dove" was the smaller of two ships carrying those who founded the colony of Maryland in 1634.  It took an act of courage to venture across the Atlantic.

Growing Daylight

At my latitude, yesterday we saw 10:30 hours of daylight - and that's increasing as we leave Dark Winter behind and enter the Groundhog Days.  Hopefully we'll start seeing enough daylight that we're not stuck at work for all of it!

Junco Snack Break

Snack break - we're in round two of a two-step snowfall here in the Mid-Atlantic.  First was 5 inches of snow worn down by some sleet and freezing rain, and now it's a serious snowfall bringing maybe as much as another 5 inches. We had several birds stock up during the lull.  These dark-eyed juncos…Read more Junco Snack Break


I'll admit, this wasn't taken today!  I'd rather be seeing this than low 40's and rain, to be sure...  This time of year, I always seem to be looking forward to the next snowfall.

New Beginnings

For me, 2018 closed in a cold rain.  The year has been a challenge on many fronts - nothing insurmountable, but pressures have altered priorities, focused attention and activity.  Engaging with the "friends I've never met" has had to take a back seat.  But a New Year is a time to set goals (not just…Read more New Beginnings