I just wanted to share…

Friday, I was able to do a little flying, before spending Friday evening at a friend’s house, eating crabs and watching the sun set over the water, followed by a campfire.

20170602_200749.jpgI spent Saturday morning helping friends and volunteering at the Elms Environmental Center, conducting a camping intro, of sorts, to kids of all ages at the Elms native plant sale.  We had reference books on camping, hiking, cooking, plant and animal ID.  We had the kids help us set up a tent, we lashed a chair out of sticks (the third one… stayed up!), we built a campfire and roasted marshmallows, and we cooked both a chocolate black forest cake and an apple pie biscuit bake in dutch ovens.  We met good people, shared our wares, brought zero food home – but we brought home several native plants.

Sunday, we got those shrubs in the ground, spent all day outside.  We found two large spotted salamanders and a wormsnake… then spent more time around a campfire.

I took just this one picture (Lynn might have taken some – I tend to find those later), I made zero videos, and did it without ever planning to write anything about it (until now).  And I’m looking to do more of this sort of thing – I’ll be volunteering with the local school system to do lunchtime sessions on outdoor “stuff” through July and August, in addition to the time I already get to regularly spend outdoors with my sons, and with Boy Scouts.

Life is good, and I’m happy to have these opportunities, a good family, and good friends to share them with.

Get Out There



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