Sailing Intro, Under Harsh Conditions

We had the opportunity this weekend to get some boys out on a Pearson 37 sailboat, the designation 37 referring to its overall length, in feet.  Weather was not great - 20 knots sustained, heavy rain which came at you horizontally, and 3-foot swells.  Despite that, we went sailing! Two reefs in the main, a…Read more Sailing Intro, Under Harsh Conditions

To Clean, or Not To Clean – Water in the Backcountry

A few months ago, an article published by Slate started to get a lot of attention, for suggesting that the practice of treating backcountry water sources against possible pathogens was built on myth.  No doubt it got the buzz Slate was looking for, but I pretty much ignored it at the time.  Recently though, I was pointed…Read more To Clean, or Not To Clean – Water in the Backcountry

The Eight (Yes, Eight) Seasons

Welcome to Groundhog Days!  We're entering the second of eight outdoor seasons this year - Groundhog Days are that period where it's still winter-cold, but the skies are brightening.  This combo means ideal conditions for winter camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc. - Cold, brisk winter weather, snow, but with lengthening afternoons that actually give you…Read more The Eight (Yes, Eight) Seasons