Sailing Intro, Under Harsh Conditions

We had the opportunity this weekend to get some boys out on a Pearson 37 sailboat, the designation 37 referring to its overall length, in feet.  Weather was not great - 20 knots sustained, heavy rain which came at you horizontally, and 3-foot swells.  Despite that, we went sailing! Two reefs in the main, a…Read more Sailing Intro, Under Harsh Conditions

Pond Run (or… What Happened to Those New Backpackers)

It started off a little ominously. The morning was dreary, with a foggy overcast that threatened rain.   We had assembled a team of 6 new backpackers, one with a few trips under his belt, and three experienced leaders, including myself.  One of the crew lost a split ring off a cotter pin on his older…Read more Pond Run (or… What Happened to Those New Backpackers)