Who I Am

Hello, my name is Troy!


The mountains are always calling.  But to be fair, most of those mountains are of the Appalachian variety.  I grew up wandering through those hills, and they still feel like home.  I go back as often as I can.


In the meantime, I’ve grown older, but I hope I never grow up.


Professionally, I’m an aerospace engineer, with a love of all things aviation.  Outside work, I’m a husband and father, and most of my time is devoted to giving my sons as much as I can.  I’m an active private pilot.  I’m a musician (guitar, mostly…), I’m a sailor, and I find as many excuses as I can to spend time outside.  Backpacking is my primary endeavor – something about being able to access places no other mode of travel will allow, the ability to live for prolonged periods with only the gear on my back, each night being able to set up camp, live apart, and then move on having left no trace that I was there, really appeals to me.  But canoeing/kayaking, car-camping, hiking, even cooking on an open fire in the backyard, it’s all a thrill.


I’m an Eagle Scout, and owe a lot to the Boy Scouts – so I give back now as an adult volunteer.  I’ve come to realize that I’ve taken for granted a lot of the opportunities that organization provides, and realized that the skills taught there are not just for youth.  Adults can also benefit from knowing how to build fires and tie knots, lead, follow, and work as a team.  I really enjoy doing and teaching these things – so why not try it in a different, digital format?  We’ll see!


My intent with this site is to share experiences, tips, tricks, and general knowledge that will enhance your time outdoors.  Through blog posts here, and a related YouTube channel, FlyingSquirrelOutdoors, I want to share my knowledge of the outdoors, how to plan and prepare, and generally how to increase your comfort and confidence level away from the security of home.


I hope you find it useful, and entertaining.
Connect with me in several places:


Or just drop me a line at flyingsquirreloutdoors@gmail.com.


I’m looking forward to helping build a community, and to getting you out there!