Hawai’i, 2018: Day 2 – Snorkeling and Sailing

Way back in the summer of 2018, in the "before time", we could travel, and hang out in large groups. Remember those days? Ah, innocence. Little did we know... https://youtu.be/0vVjpJMvzRw After we'd spent the first day driving all over the Big Island to see the sights, we decided to stay close to home on Day…Read more Hawai’i, 2018: Day 2 – Snorkeling and Sailing

Sailing Intro, Under Harsh Conditions

We had the opportunity this weekend to get some boys out on a Pearson 37 sailboat, the designation 37 referring to its overall length, in feet.  Weather was not great - 20 knots sustained, heavy rain which came at you horizontally, and 3-foot swells.  Despite that, we went sailing! Two reefs in the main, a…Read more Sailing Intro, Under Harsh Conditions