Iceland 2019 – Part 3, Golden Circle

After an excellent couple days on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, we had repositioned back to the hotel Brim, near downtown Reykjavik. Still trying to adjust to the midnight sun, we were up late, and then up again early... but there was no point in lingering at the hotel, we had things to do! Our goal for…Read more Iceland 2019 – Part 3, Golden Circle

Iceland, 2019 – Part 2, Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We awoke to clearing skies. Not crystal blue, yet, but the clouds had risen enough to give us a clear view of Kirkjufell, across the harbor, and a better look at the mountains that surrounded Grundarfjörður. Our first night with no true darkness had gone reasonably well, aided by thick blackout shades and our undeniable…Read more Iceland, 2019 – Part 2, Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Iceland 2019, Part 1 – Grundarfjörður

As is typically the case on flights from the US to Europe, we departed at midnight to arrive near dawn. In our case, we landed in rain, falling heavy under low clouds. Our first impressions of Iceland were... underwhelming. With visibility only about a mile, all we could tell from the area around Keflavik Airport…Read more Iceland 2019, Part 1 – Grundarfjörður

Maui’s “Flame of the Forest” is an Out-of-Control Wildfire

During our 2018 trip to Hawai'i (see other posts for touristy and mostly outdoor adventures on the islands), we wound up taking a drive along the famous Road to Hana, on Maui. If you're unfamiliar, this route is a narrow (often single-lane) route that winds in and out of the canyons on the north shore…Read more Maui’s “Flame of the Forest” is an Out-of-Control Wildfire

Nokulele Blowhole (Hawai’i, Day 5, Part 2) After our early, early morning biking down Halekala, we had been up and adventuring for 12 hours and it was still only lunch time. Creative measures were needed to get back to a normal sleep cycle, so we fought the urge to sleep the afternoon away. Instead, we had lunch and explored the town…Read more Nokulele Blowhole (Hawai’i, Day 5, Part 2)

Kirkjufellsfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland

This is my version of one of the most common photos taken in Iceland - Kirkjufellsfoss (the waterfall), with the conical mountain Kirkjufell in the background. Seriously, search "Kirkjufell" and you'll see this in summer, winter, with northern lights, etc. It's a beautiful spot under almost any circumstance. We didn't have the luxury of time…Read more Kirkjufellsfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland

Grundarfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland

Summer, 2019 - Before SARS-CoV2 rocked the world, we managed to spend a week in Iceland, in early July under (almost) midnight sun skies. This was one of our first impressions of the place after the rain that blanketed our arrival finally lifted - Grundarfoss, just outside the town of Grundarfjörđar on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.…Read more Grundarfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland