Iceland 2019 – Part 3, Golden Circle

This is Part 3 in a series outlining my family's exploration of Iceland during the summer of 2019, pre-COVID. It was a mostly outdoor experience, exploring the wild and natural sights of a beautiful country during the height of summer. For the full journey, and notes on places to go and things to see, check…Read more Iceland 2019 – Part 3, Golden Circle

Maui’s “Flame of the Forest” is an Out-of-Control Wildfire

During our 2018 trip to Hawai'i (see other posts for touristy and mostly outdoor adventures on the islands), we wound up taking a drive along the famous Road to Hana, on Maui. If you're unfamiliar, this route is a narrow (often single-lane) route that winds in and out of the canyons on the north shore…Read more Maui’s “Flame of the Forest” is an Out-of-Control Wildfire

Kirkjufellsfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland

This is my version of one of the most common photos taken in Iceland - Kirkjufellsfoss (the waterfall), with the conical mountain Kirkjufell in the background. Seriously, search "Kirkjufell" and you'll see this in summer, winter, with northern lights, etc. It's a beautiful spot under almost any circumstance. We didn't have the luxury of time…Read more Kirkjufellsfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland

Grundarfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland

Summer, 2019 - Before SARS-CoV2 rocked the world, we managed to spend a week in Iceland, in early July under (almost) midnight sun skies. This was one of our first impressions of the place after the rain that blanketed our arrival finally lifted - Grundarfoss, just outside the town of Grundarfjörđar on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.…Read more Grundarfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland