(Note, I posted this most places on Sept 12, as Florence approached – but remote interface for WordPress was acting flaky.  Sorry it’s late, the sentiment still holds true!)

Calm before the storm. Out on the fringes of the Florence cloud deck, thinking of all those enduring the fury. Y’all stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Calm Before The Storm

  1. My grandfather born in 1882 would have looked at that seen and said ” Maw, looks we shall be getting rain tomorrow. Having no idea what is moving their way!
    Even in my day walking home from school in 1954, my teacher said, ‘go straight home, the wind is picking up and it will be raining soon”. No mention that hurricane Hazel would be in full force in a couple of hours. I lived a little less than a mile from my school. I was a third grader and I remember holding the lower ends of my open jacket, facing the wind, jumping up to see if I could get air born. I was close to the curb and the wind threw me off balance and I tumbled into the street. Landed on my butt and rolled 3/4s way cross the street. Hurt and now afraid, I walked the rest of the way home stumbling many times as the wind was mostly at my back.
    War Eagle

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