Snapshot 4 (7-22-2018 12-46 PM)

We had the opportunity this weekend to get some boys out on a Pearson 37 sailboat, the designation 37 referring to its overall length, in feet.  Weather was not great – 20 knots sustained, heavy rain which came at you horizontally, and 3-foot swells.  Despite that, we went sailing!

Snapshot 2 (7-22-2018 12-44 PM)Two reefs in the main, a full jib, and the boys at the helm and working lines, tacking and jibing back and forth across the Patuxent River in some sporty conditions.  We spent all morning out there, getting thoroughly soaked, then went back to harbor and had lunch on the boat before heading home to dry out.

A great learning experience, and a real blast, despite the discomfort in the weather.  Great opportunity, and we’re grateful to the boat owner and skipper for letting it happen!

Get Out There

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