Hawai’i 2018: Day 3 – Swimming with Mantas!

Way back in the summer of 2018, in the "before time", we could travel, and hang out in large groups. Remember those days? Ah, innocence. Little did we know... https://youtu.be/mlgaZRprj3A Day 3 on the Big Island started with that most fleeting of opportunities - sleeping in. We had an evening appointment requiring several hours in…Read more Hawai’i 2018: Day 3 – Swimming with Mantas!

On Groundhog Meteorological Prognostication

I'm a little late posting this, but hey, busy weekend. So...  There are many, many groundhogs out there.  Several are consulted each February 2 on the prospects of an early spring.  (Punxsutawny Phil is merely the most famous of these prognosticating rodents.)  I wondered - how good are they? I mean, just so we're on…Read more On Groundhog Meteorological Prognostication