One of the reasons I haven’t been posting a lot lately is that I’ve had another outlet, and I wanted to take a moment to thank St. Mary’s County Public Schools and the wonderful staff that keep school programs going over the summer.  (And for giving me pretty much ALL the Twitter traffic I’ve had since I started Flying Squirrel!)
I mentioned doing a Lunch and Learn program early in the summer, on Outdoor Dangers (based on other posts here, here and here).  Since then, I’ve done FOUR more each at two different schools, so I’ve done 10 classroom sessions over the past few weeks.  I think my smallest class was a great, intelligent conversation with five kids, and my largest was a fun, crazy, chaotic time with over 40!
IMG_20170808_120701278We talked about plant communication and planted some seedlings, we discussed our favorite insects, we made paper stomp rockets and launched them at each other, and we recycled plastic drink bottles into boats we raced down a ten-foot track.  Some kids became friends and familiar faces, some I only saw once – but every single one of these kids was smart, engaged, and filled with a wonder and curiosity that adults envy.
I’m truly grateful for the opportunity, and it makes me all the more eager to build a mechanism to get into the field and work outside with kids like these!
Get Out There

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