This is my version of one of the most common photos taken in Iceland – Kirkjufellsfoss (the waterfall), with the conical mountain Kirkjufell in the background. Seriously, search “Kirkjufell” and you’ll see this in summer, winter, with northern lights, etc. It’s a beautiful spot under almost any circumstance.

We didn’t have the luxury of time to wait for perfect weather, or lighting, or even for the other tourists to get out of the way, but other than that – Nailed it!!

6 thoughts on “Kirkjufellsfoss, Grundarfjörđar, Iceland

  1. This is exactly what the weather looked like when we visited Kirkjufellsfoss. We went to Iceland for three weeks back in 2015 and didn’t see the sun for the first 8 days of our trip. Needless to say, you can be waiting a long time for the clouds to break in Iceland.

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