On Groundhog Meteorological Prognostication

I'm a little late posting this, but hey, busy weekend. So...  There are many, many groundhogs out there.  Several are consulted each February 2 on the prospects of an early spring.  (Punxsutawny Phil is merely the most famous of these prognosticating rodents.)  I wondered - how good are they? I mean, just so we're on…Read more On Groundhog Meteorological Prognostication

Winter Solstice (Astronomy: Week of 12/17/17)

Stars rule the night.  They are more than just windows into an infinite cosmos, or keys to the history of our own world.  In a more tangible sense, the stars provide humanity with a roadmap, establishing time and place. Long before artificial lights poisoned our view of the night sky, and before human industry occupied…Read more Winter Solstice (Astronomy: Week of 12/17/17)