I’ve posted this shot before, but prompted by the word “Pedestrian”, I had to share it again.

Taken from back in the days when I used an enormous external frame pack, this is a single-frame ode to walking, and encapsulates some of my fondest memories.  Backpacking is a sublime combination of personal challenge, solitude and introspection, camaraderie, immersion and connection with the world at a pace where it can be absorbed.  It’s a test of skill, of planning, of resilience, endurance, creativity, stamina, and emotion.  It’s also a mechanism to explore the millions of beautiful places in the world where there is simply no other way to get there, and to experience it, except on foot.

Whether in mountains, through lowland marshes, along rivers and oceans, or across deserts and plains, I walk.  And there’s nothing “Pedestrian” about it.

This post was created in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  For other submissions, look here, under Pedestrian.

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