A rare find!  Dinosaur tracks in Maryland!  The animal was EXACTLY the size of a wild turkey… a couple of them by the looks of it.  =)

These turkey tracks were left a couple days ago when the weather was warm and wet.  Now the ground is frozen solid, preserving the tracks…for a while.

10 thoughts on “Dinosaur Tracks!

  1. Who knows, maybe that mud will turn to rock and in five million years some scientist will consider them a great find! We have lots of wild turkeys here and I find their antics amusing, especially when the boys are strutting their stuff. –Curt

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  2. I left tracks in the mud the other week, I am sure they froze the next day. I was at the city dump. A million years from now, if trash filled my prints while frozen, some being will think I was some type of bipedal competing for food with the vultures.
    War Eagle

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