It’s been a busy week, and I blame my kids.  Every night, I’ve got something going on that revolves around THEIR social life, up to and including tonight, where I have to go see “The Last Jedi” – and I would totally not be doing that if it weren’t for them (OK, complete sarcasm here, I can’t wait to find out who Rae is!)

Anyway, I’m late getting around to it, but I wanted to share that we got our first accumulating snowfall here in the Chesapeake Bay area this past weekend.  A heavy, wet, barely freezing snow that nonetheless managed to pile up about 6 inches before it was done, and then was almost completely gone 24 hours later.  (Actually, it’s been much colder since Monday than it ever was during the snow event, so there are pockets of snow still remaining in those shadows the sun can’t reach, but those are pretty rare).

It didn’t even stick to roads – PERFECT for an early-season snow!  Absolutely beautiful, and no work!  Here’s a few photos of what it looked like here – and we have lots of holly trees in the area, so I can be excused if some of these shots look a little too Christmasy!

I’m curious to hear what everybody else has seen out of this not-quite-winter-yet season.  When did you first see snow, or are you still anxiously waiting?

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