Trees that grow high on mountainsides live a rough life.  Constantly battered by wind, rain, snow and ice, they are stunted in height, bent, and broken.  This log bears silent testimony to endurance, and the adage that sometimes you have to bend if you don’t want to break.

Photo Credit – Lynn Abbott

This post is published in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge – “Rounded”.  See more submissions here.

6 thoughts on “Gnarled and Twisted

  1. Gnarled and Twisted, I thought you were gona talk about me. You forgot about lighting. Also, as one traverses the higher elevations and has a view of the undulating tree covered mountain tops, the tree tops appear like a freshly mowed lawn. It is as though nary a tree would stick a twig above its neighbor for fear of being clipped by the elements. War Eagle

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