I wrote a couple weeks back about a Carolina Wren that had decided to nest in a forgotten (by me) nest box left sitting on my grill.  Five eggs were laid in a two-day period, April 30-May 1.

I’ll admit, we’ve been careless and forget she’s there (she’s at waist height on my deck, it’s kinda hard to avoid her) – and up until now, every time you walk by, she’d fly out to a nearby tree and scold.

DSC_1137Well, I got home from work on Tuesday (May 16th) and the boys reported we had three chicks and an unhatched egg.  At least, that’s what they could see.  By Wednesday – no eggs, just a pile of chicks.  And I’ll be honest I can’t count them, due to a combination of low light and a tangle of beaks, legs, skin and fluff.  I hope all 5 made it.

Interesting, to me at least, is that mom will not leave her nest when you walk by anymore.  She’ll sit there and stare at me, a marked change in behavior that clearly indicates the change from incubation, to raising young.  The only way I got the picture of the chicks was to notice her fly out and up to the rooftop for an evening song.


Good Mama, protecting the brood

Eggs took 16 days to hatch.  It’s going to get crowded in there REALLY soon!

Get Out There



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