Good advice from ACLT, as we enter tick season!

American Chestnut Land Trust

Don’t let ticks stop you from enjoying nature!

Spring has finally arrived in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Daffodils and crocus have shown their pretty faces, the trees are starting to reveal the almost neon-green color that is only seen in early spring and butterflies and bees are making their debut appearances.  So many reasons to be outside!  But many of us hesitate to hit the trails – and it’s not because we’re too tired after work, or because it’s too much of a hassle or because we don’t want to.  It’s because of one simple little critter: the tick.

At this point, I could go into a full-fledged discussion about the various types of ticks we have in the Del-Mar-Va region.  I could explain their remarkable hibernation skills and their incredible breeding ability.  I could go into great detail about symptoms to watch for that could mean you or a loved one has…

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