I tried an experiment via YouTube this week – jury’s still out, but I’m discovering that either 1) People don’t think this is as cool/interesting as I do, or 2) People are just ignoring me.  Still, I have a few people who have expressed interest and promised to play along… so we’ll see.  I have to admit I’m surprised by the lack of response.

But here’s the thing – when the Sun goes down at my house, it gets noisy.  Very noisy.  The exact nature of the noise is different in the spring than the fall… and right now, it’s a cacophony of (mostly) katydids, crickets, and gray tree frogs.

A month or so ago, I was in the Jersey Pine Barrens, just north of Atlantic City, for a week.  Long enough to know that what I experienced wasn’t a fluke of weather.  And what I noticed was – silence.  I mean absolute, shockingly still silence, such that I could occasionally hear a bullfrog a quarter-mile away.  It was, to my daily experience here in the mid-Atlantic, weird.

So this just piqued my curiosity.  What I asked folks to do was simply share a sound-byte of what they heard at night.  Some have told me that they too hear silence, and that a recording would be pretty boring.  A few have actually shared their experience, and those (so far) are very similar to my experience – but I fear most people are thinking the same of me —  “weird”.  🙂

If you’re interested, here’s my raw, unfiltered, typical night at home.  I’d be curious to hear, or at least get a description of, what the #NightMusic sounds like in your neck of the woods.

And in case you don’t think this is weird – here’s the playlist.  Hopefully it will grow over the next week.

Get Out There!


23 thoughts on “#NightMusic

  1. Wow. This is a great idea. I wrote a draft of an article about this sort of thing a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it,but it’s interesting we had similar ideas. I’ve noticed the noises near where I live have changed a bunch in recent weeks. I’ll try to record one this weekend.

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  2. You aren’t weird by my definition. Don’t stop whatever motivates you.

    As to night sounds, I have a note on the table to remind me. We have a wooded area behind us with the usual insects. Every few days a Barred Owl or two come by for a hoot-fest. Recent one: https://ourviewfromiowa.wordpress.com/2018/08/30/barred-owl-visit/
    There are neighborhood dogs that send messages by barking. Interstate 80 is a mile from us. If the weather is right, we hardly hear traffic. If wrong, we hear it a lot.

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  3. This is a really awesome project! I hope you get a lot of recordings. In my neighborhood, we’re a little too close to the highway, so all I hear is traffic noise. There’s also some railroad tracks nearby, so occasionally I hear a train. Not a lot of nature noises, though. I think the wildlife knows to keep its distance.

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