I publish photos almost every day – but they go primarily to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… and not typically here as “posts”.  So in case you missed them, here’s the recap of all the featured photos from October.

4 thoughts on “October Photo Summary

  1. I do like your photos.
    Have you ever looked at IFTTT (If This Then That – ifttt.com)? Using it, when I post to Instagram the picture is automatically sent to wherever I want it to go as well. Including a draft WordPress post. Similarly when I publish a post it is copied to all of the networks. Saves me a lot of time, and creates a draft post for those days when i don’t have content.

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    • I’ve got IFTTT doing some things for me, but I wind up customizing format depending on platform so a straight re-post doesn’t always work. I have regular posts simul-casting to Facebook and Twitter. And I’ve got what appears to be a completely separate audience on YouTube. Photos go up on my site as part of the Portfolio, but they don’t push via email or normal subscription the way regular posts do. That’s a little bit by design, but I may change my mind on that. 🙂 Still learning and evolving! Thanks for the feedback and for finding all those other platforms this morning!


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