Yesterday, we had a tropical depression (“TD Number Ten” – it never got a name) go over.  Today, the ocean was relatively calm, and the clouds were breaking up.  I made the attempt to get the kayak out through the surf and see what I could see.  (It only took me two tries….)

Once I got out, and did a little sprint up and down the beach – Dolphins!  A group of three, followed by another group of three shortly afterward.  They were close enough I could hear them breathe when they surfaced.  One came up right behind my boat, no more than 10 feet away.  AWESOME!!

Then, I chanced upon a flock of Common Terns chasing a school of fish down the beach, diving and eating as they went.

I tried to capture it on video, over on my YouTube channel.

A great time, and just goes to show how much of the wild you can experience, literally right outside your door, if you only go looking!

Get Out There

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