block_nose_fsoA milestone, I guess – but between Facebook, Twitter, and direct subscriptions through the site (, I’ve hit 50 regulars.  I’m sure there’s some duplication, but I feel ok with that, as it doesn’t count subscriptions to the YouTube channel, or to Instagram, or to Yonder, which combined is another 100 or so more.

While I’m not doing this for “clicks”, I must admit it’s a bit addictive to watch the numbers and see what gets response, what doesn’t, who likes what.  It’s also quite intriguing to see which search terms are pointing people to my site – I’ve got Astronomy followers in the UK, YouTube subscribers in Canada (though not many people have found that yet), and I’ve had hits from 11 different countries.  I’m working with three or four distinct communities of people, and it’s certainly gratifying to know I’m not yelling into a void.

But I’ve also been using the past two months to figure out what it is I want to do – I didn’t expect to wind up being an Astronomy site, that was originally something “regular” during the winter while the world was in suspended animation (how in the world do I get people thinking about being outdoors when it’s freezing out there?)  Doing things focused on skills, places, food (I like cooking on fires!) and kid-friendly stuff has still been in the rotation, and I expect to amp that stuff up as the spring arrives.  And my secondary objective has certainly been achieved – there’s a lot that I can learn by being focused, every week, on planning and creating.  So MY connection to these topics is getting better too, and so it is a bit self-serving.  I’m hoping for time to do some trips myself that will pull a lot of this together.

So while I have the numbers, I’m really interested in your feedback, when it comes – what am I doing right, what am I doing wrong?  Is it too much, too little?  What would you like to see or hear – and humbly, is there anything I can go research and demonstrate, learn and teach?

Above all, thank you, I really appreciate everybody jumping in and supporting my creative endeavors here, and keeping your snickering about my childishness to yourselves.  =)  All in all, I’m just getting started, and hope you’ll stay with me.



PS – I’ve added a new widget to the primary site.  Scroll down on the homepage, or use the “Follow” link at the bottom, and it will take you to an email signup.  If you’re not a Facebook person, or whatever, this link will register you to get a link to any new posts directly in your Inbox whenever I make a post.  Still under construction, but it appears to work.

PPS – Come check out the YouTube channel!  Link at the top of this page.  I’ve got a bunch of stuff out there, older adventures in addition to the recent “rebranded” things.

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