foskettI was recently invited to preview and write a review for a new e-book by Keith “Fozzie” Foskett, a UK-based distance hiker.  Travelled Far is a collection of stories about hiking, both around the block and across the country – a quick read and an enjoyable look, particularly at the English countryside, through his eyes.
My review:
As a self professed thru-hiking addict, I expected Foskett to write about the typical trials and tribulations of the distance hiker – the wet, the climbs, the gear, the physical challenge and personal triumph of overcoming the 6-month slog.  Instead, the feeling conveyed here is a refreshing mix of the peace and enjoyment of being and living outside, and the changing cultural elements of the people, villages, and pubs along the way.  It’s almost impressionistic, in that Foskett conveys the feel of an outdoor, self-reliant existence, without hammering through the drudgery of detail. He clearly (and simply) portrays trail life as a LIFE, and not a stringing together of daily struggles.
I also very much enjoyed, and identified with, his description of short local hikes.  Foskett offers encouragement and a reminder that the natural world is right outside your door – there’s a universe in your backyard, much to be discovered in a hike, literally, around your neighborhood.  It attests that nature is accessible, and it doesn’t necessarily take a 5-month commitment and thousands in new gear to feel comfortable and appreciate what’s out there.  I’ve added the Downs to my to-do list!
If you’re interested, check it out HERE.

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