Sailing Season


Sailing season started yesterday, with our first race of the year.  Sailing can be maddening, as it can be exhilarating, but no matter what, I love it.  For one thing, it’s about aerodynamics (“Flying” squirrel, don’t forget), but more than that, it’s wind, water, birds, rays, jellyfish, crabs…  To do it well, you need to be in tune with everything you can’t control, and then figure out how to use those very few, mechanical things that you can, in order to make productive use of it.  All the while, you’re outside, on the water, watching the sunset…  It definitely fits my theme here – I just hope the rest of the summer has a bit more steady, predictable wind than last night (though I didn’t suffer much – our crew was running the Committee Boat last night)!

Photo Credit – Lynn Abbott

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