Campfires Make Everything Better


We had a pretty dreary weekend.  Fortunately, we made the right call, with young, poorly equipped boys, to skip Friday night – that would have meant setting up and camping in a Nor’Easter.  An inch and a half of rain, 30 mph wind, and 40 deg.  Not a good first experience.

Even with the decision to start early Saturday instead, we had drizzly rain ’til after lunch.  But the clouds broke just before sunset, we had a beautiful starry sky, and this wonderful campfire – where stories and skits were shared, and prizes were awarded, among which our group won two.  One for the best hand in an event poker run, and one for the best gateway design.  It being Halloween (or close to it), prizes were in the form of candy, which was shared all around.

It rained again overnight, but it didn’t matter.  Good friends got closer, enjoying success in overcoming some challenges.  Nothing does that quite like shared experiences in the wilderness, and stories remembered and retold around a campfire.

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