The solar eclipse that took place this morning, June 10, 2021, was an annular eclipse in some parts of the world – notably Greenland and parts of northeastern Canada. There, the Sun was blocked by a Moon slightly farther away from us than average, such that it appeared just too small to cover the entire solar disk, and leaving a “ring of fire” visible.

For me, in the mid-Atlantic states of the US – the event was just a partial eclipse, but it was an event that was taking place during sunrise. So, that’s kinda neat, and worth getting up for.

I’ll admit that I had mixed feelings at 5:15 am this morning, peering out the window and noticing it was cloudy, but NOT completely overcast. This meant I should stay up, and make an effort to get to a clear eastern view and at least TRY to get a glimpse of the crescent sun.

I bid my bed farewell and started to head east, toward water. But I never made it that far – the Sun had risen through broken clouds high enough to see above the distant tree line. Though it was distorted a bit by atmospheric turbulence, it was a unique sight.

I hope you all got to see it too!

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