Cold, and windy, but mostly clear – just some high cirrus passing by every once in a while to give the Moon a hazy halo.

I tried to capture a timelapse of the whole event – that’s being processed and hopefully comes out well.  In the meantime, here’s a montage of the eclipse as viewed from the US East Coast.  Start in the upper right and move left – this is the direction the Moon was moving along its orbit through the Earth’s shadow.  Shots are taken every 20 minutes or so.

eclipse event annotatedIt was a beautiful event!  Well worth staying up for.  I keep trying to imagine what this looked like from the perspective of a viewer on the Moon, watching a solar eclipse, but seeing the Earth ringed with red light.  Beautiful, I’m sure.

Get Out There!

5 thoughts on “Super (Cold) Blood Wolf Moon

    • I think we were at 11, with a windchill a couple degrees below zero. Downright balmy by comparison! I would run out and take 4 or 5 shots, run back in and set a timer. The actual totality shots were hard, getting a look almost straight up on a tripod for about a one-second exposure, with lots of wind – none of them came out perfectly in focus… but close enough for this kind of presentation!

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