There’s a Scout I’ve been getting to know for a couple years now.  He is quick to volunteer to cook for his patrol on group campouts, and he has a favorite go-to recipe for dutch oven lasagna.  The problem is, something has ALWAYS gone wrong.  It hasn’t necessarily been his fault – Cooks and those who do the shopping aren’t always the same people on a Scout trip, and he’s had to deal with shortage of ingredients, the wrong ingredient… always something, for several tries now.

20180929_183150Persistence pays off though, and this past weekend, it all came together… and it was GOOD!  So good, it was almost gone before I got to get a taste, and take a picture.  Now that he knows how the finished product CAN turn out, I’m sure this will remain a favorite.

I’ve seen a variety of these recipes, which basically use the common theme of replacing carefully layered noodles and cheese with pre-made, frozen ravioli (or tortellini, or…). Leads to simple construction, quick cooking, and overall goodness.  Rather than repeating it, I’ll link to this version.  Our only difference was to use a liner, and cook the sausage separately in a different skillet, just to simplify the cleaning.

Good luck in your attempts!

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