Hey all, a quick one this week – I’m out in the woods (hooray!) this week with no (little) internet. A nice tradeoff, honestly…

BUT, as I’ve been out this week under clear skies, looking at Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars (midnight or so), I’ve also caught a glimpse of Mercury. All five (six if you count the one you’re standing on), naked eye planets in one evening. Pretty sweet.

Tonight (Thursday, 7/12), Mercury is at Eastern elongation – its largest separation from the Sun, and your best chance of seeing it after sunset.

Seems like this just happened in March – it did, Mercury zips around the Sun in an 88-day year. Four orbits for every one of ours. Which means it’s fleeting, though surprisingly bright.

That’s it today, the woods are calling again. Until I return to civilization!

Get Out There

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