I heard my first spring peepers this weekend. Friday, Feb 16, they were peeping away… It had been warm (and rainy) for days. Saturday, the temperature dropped again (good thing, because I had a bunch of Scouts out skiing – it wasn’t too bad, and we actually had snow falling for several hours while we were on the mountain). But I woke up this morning hearing spring songbirds. The temps topped 70 F today, and tomorrow is supposed to be a record high temperature day. The peepers are out again…

Mother Nature is of course free to do what she wants, but this is awfully early. The vernal equinox (aka first day of spring) is still five weeks off. I can’t help but think we’ve still got a hard freeze or two left before spring is here for real. But at this pace, March will skip lions and come in like a lamb.

I don’t see any new buds on the trees yet, but keeping an eye out.

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