This is the last installment of our summer Maine adventure.  (Hooray, the crowd goes wild!)

At this point, I was facing a little bit of mutiny from the boys.  “No hiking today”.  Well, we all have our limits.  So instead, we went to the Oceanarium, home of the US’s only lobster hatchery, and some good education on other animals that live in the Gulf of Maine.  I previously posted about what we learned on the lobster industry.  The other goodies, including an up-close look at some of the marine animals, are in the video below.

DSC_0199-001After that, we took off on a mini-road trip.  We found Jasper Beach, which is covered with surf-smoothed pebbles instead of sand, and steady streams of fog blowing in off the ocean.  Further east, we checked out Bad Little Falls in Machias, and hit one more lighthouse (Prospect Harbor Light), before heading back to Ellsworth for burritos at “86 This”, and then an evening of mini-golf with a very brave frog.

The journey home turned out to be an adventure in and of itself, flying a light plane around a storm-filled frontal system – but patience paid off and we got home safe with only one unexpected stop, in Freyburg, ME, where we just happened to drop in for a fly-in pizza party for lunch!  Great community, those pilots!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure.  Coastal Maine is a beautiful place, and very different from what we’re used to at home.  That’s what makes it fun!

Get Out There

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