Last summer I introduced the idea of Night Music, that special cacophony of animals, insects, wind and whatever else that is unique to the night, and makes many an outdoor evening or camping trip that much more memorable.

I was intrigued to find that many people hear almost nothing in their respective wild lands.  Silence.  I’ve certainly experienced that in the winter, or high in the mountains – but around home it’s frogs (spring peepers and tree frogs) in the spring, katydids all summer, and random wild animals, owls, nighthawks, etc almost all year round.

I’m very lucky it’s not traffic, sirens and barking dogs.

A couple months ago, just walking through the neighborhood, I made a couple quick recordings, but never shared.  Then today, Scott Levine over at Scott’s Sky Watch tagged me on Twitter (@squirreloutdoor), sharing his own night sounds, and reminded me I had some new ones of my own.  Thanks, Scott!

First, around the house.  Tree frogs near and far.

Then, down the street near a small pond.  I can hear at least four different frog species in here.  The tree frog trill, a castanet rattle (yes, that’s also a frog), the whistling/buzzing “yell” of what I think is a leopard frog, and the occasional deep bass of a bullfrog.  A lot happening in this pond that night!

What kind of music do YOU hear at night?

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